Let The Good Times Roll Recap

This past Saturday, the chopper community rolled out heavy to Tim Vanderbas' shop in Brooklyn in support of Lauren Canelli. The turnout was amazing and the support was overwhelming. Tim received so many donations that he actually had a hard time getting rid of it because there was so much stuff. It just goes to show how many people want to give back to the community that lets them be themselves. Luckily, I got some time to step away from the booth and take a couple pictures of bikes. Hope you all like it!

Introducing The Dead End & The Old School

One goal I've always had for Tombstone Hardware Co. was to stay true to it's roots while still expanding passed bring your typical cool guy clothing company. The perfect way to do both was to bring products to the TSHW line that were quality, but weren't overpriced. I started this company out of a tent/shed in my backyard and couldn't afford a $150 denim, nor a $500 leather vest. With the help of some good friends, we were able to achieve that. The Dead End and The Old School are our answer to a call for a no bullshit vest.

Both featuring...

New website & Thank you.

Hey all!

First off, we wanted to thank everyone who has supported us since our start in 2013. Its been a long road and most of you have stuck by. Which is why we are taking the steps to make TSHW better. Where we started out as just doing men’s gear and the occasional women’s items, we will now be doing full lines for all including accessories. Jackets, vests, and hard parts are also in the works so stay tuned.

I started this company in a shed at my old house. Packing orders in my bedroom with...