Tombstone Hardware started out as an answer to the dwindling motorcycle culture on Long Island. Back in 2013, there weren't many big box brands that I wanted to support and wear. So I created TSHW as creative outlet and a way to make clothes that I wanted to wear. Since then, it has transformed many times but the one thing that has always stuck was the appreciation for craft. Fabricators, Bike Builders, Musicians, Leather Workers and many more all have one goal in common, the perfection of their craft. I have shaped this company into a small grass roots brand that showcases the blood, sweat, and tears these creators put into each and every project. Being a musician and a leather worker myself, I know the satisfaction you get from finishing a long project that you love and put everything into. After 8 long years, this passion project is still operating out of a garage like a motorcycle company should. We're not here for a long time so lets make it a good time. Thanks for your support. 

- Tim