The New!

Hey everyone! Wanted to give y'all a small update on whats going on with the TSHW camp. As most of you know, I tour full time with my band Fit For An Autopsy. This last year or so has been so insanely busy for band stuff which is amazing. Unfortunately that puts TSHW on the back burner a little bit. Originally, TSHW was supposed to be a creative outlet for me while I was home from tour. I was fully emerged in the motorcycle culture and I wanted to have fun with it. Still to this day, I'm very...

Brooklyn Invitational Recap!

A Few weeks back, we took a hike into Brooklyn with a bunch of friends to check out the 10th Annual Brooklyn Invitational. These are some pictures we grabbed from the day.

Music & Motorcycles - Vol. 2


First off I want to thank Jason for sitting down and doing this interview. The guys super busy and fucking killing the game right now. We started talking a couple years back when he hit me up trying to buy literally every piece of clothing that TSHW had out haha. Became friends and unfortunately our schedules still to this day have never lined up because we're both always traveling. Also want to thank his buddy from Silver Piston Photography for jamming out these photos for the interview. Lets get this show started!

What is...

Music & Motorcycles - Vol. 1


What is your name and what do you do?

Amanda Bret, I am the owner and curator a lifestyle shop in Brooklyn.

What kind of Shop do you have? tell me about it. 

Schafmayer & Co was born in 2013 when my grandad Arthur “Breeze” Schafmayer, a veteran and motorcycle builder, passed away. I wanted to pay homage to him by filling a store with things he would have loved himself. My shop is a retail space for independent artists and makers from all over the country which doubles as an art...

October Release // Limited Edition Donny Conrad Tee

This October we wanted to do something a little bit different. Along side our One Foot In The Grave Hoodies, Genereaper Tees, and our ladies Aint No Ol' Lady tees, we've also decided to release a limited edition Orange colorway of the Genereaper Tee for Halloween. Only 24 of those were printed! Check out photos of a couple items from the new release below.