Red Sonja Build - Update 1

Last year I traded my Shovelhead for an '84 FXRP with a '91 Drivetrain in it. I needed something for the summer that I could just hop on and ride and not worry about. I loved my Shovel but it was always giving me problems. With me now having the new FXR, My old '82 FXR project was no longer needed. Selling off all of the spare parts allowed me to scoop up a titled rolling frame. I toyed with the idea of slapping an Evo in there but I missed having a shovel. Thanks to a couple friends, I scooped up an S&S motor and Sputhe 5spd Trans for it. Originally I wanted to just do everything completely over but with how the bike looked, I decided to keep that tough guy look. Mags, Dual Disc, No Kicker, and some High Pullbacks. We'll get her ripping in no time.  I'll be posting regular updates on whats going on with it and the progress. 

- Tim