The New!

Hey everyone! Wanted to give y'all a small update on whats going on with the TSHW camp. As most of you know, I tour full time with my band Fit For An Autopsy. This last year or so has been so insanely busy for band stuff which is amazing. Unfortunately that puts TSHW on the back burner a little bit. Originally, TSHW was supposed to be a creative outlet for me while I was home from tour. I was fully emerged in the motorcycle culture and I wanted to have fun with it. Still to this day, I'm very much involved, but the idea of expanding TSHW's content has been growing on me much more. This is why we're not only trying to showcase bikes and bike builders, but completely bad ass artists and skilled workers alike. Whether it be blacksmiths, leatherworkers, bike builders, carpenters, knife makers, etc. We know the amount of time and effort that goes into one's craft and thats what we want to show off. With that said, prepare for more of a widespread appreciation for skills across all of our platforms. 
     On top of that, most of you might remember a small little interview series that I did with our blog called Music & Motorcycles. This summer, I'll be turning it into a monthly podcast where I can bridge the gap between the two with friends and guests who are involved in both worlds. Theres a lot of people I have toured with (and will be touring with) that would be perfect for the podcast. If you have anyone in mind that you think would fit, I would love to get more names on the list. 
     Finally, if you follow my personal socials, you know that I've been jamming out leatherwork for just as long as TSHW has been a company. In the last year I've been working on figuring out ways to integrate my skills into Tombstone. This year we'll be putting out leather goods and accessories to match the awesome new clothing drops we have coming out. I hope you're all as stoked as I am.

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