Music & Motorcycles - Vol. 2


First off I want to thank Jason for sitting down and doing this interview. The guys super busy and fucking killing the game right now. We started talking a couple years back when he hit me up trying to buy literally every piece of clothing that TSHW had out haha. Became friends and unfortunately our schedules still to this day have never lined up because we're both always traveling. Also want to thank his buddy from Silver Piston Photography for jamming out these photos for the interview. Lets get this show started!

What is your name and what do you do?

    Jason Vanheulen.  I am Chris “Ludacris” Bridges full time trainer and nutrition coach. Brand Manager 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company. 

What kind of bike do you ride? Tell me about it.
    I’m fortunate and have been working hard to collect 3 different bikes:
2000 Suzuki GSX-R 750. Custom paint and lots of goodies. PC5, Jardine GP pipe, geared 2 down, custom seats, chromed frame and wheels, all matching vortex levers, rear sets , spools, and smoked braided lines. Motorcycle Performance Systems in LA built this in 2012. I keep the bike in California now a days because we spend so much time out there so it’s my Malibu canyon carver. 
     2014 Darwin Motorcycles. Brass Balls Bobber “Digger.” Hand made bobber built in Oklahoma City by Dar Holdsworth.  111 S&S carb, 6 speed, custom painted by Scott at Chemical Candy Customs in Fort Worth, Texas. The bike has a lot of bells and whistles but it’s basically a modern version of the throw back bobbers, except this one is a soft tail with trick suspension in the frame, chopper shock air ride seat, leather hand made seat by Kyle Hix of Hix Design, ISR controls, and a sprigger front end. All the metal is nickeled to add something different. Big Ride Wright white wheels with black spokes look slick too. This bike was a life long dream to build and it’s definitely my favorite bike of all time. It took about 14 months to complete. 
    My newest build is hopefully being completed soon and is a 2017 Dyna Low S.  I rented this bike a few times and fell in love with it. I debated for months before pulling the trigger. I have one of the best HD dealers in the south putting it all together how I envisioned and the parts list is extravagant.  117 kit with Aswicki Speed Shop 2 into 1 stainless pipe, custom forks, seat, brakes, suspension, wheels, you name it....we are doing it to be one of the best handling fast as hell Dynas. The builder has not allowed me to get any pictures or stop into look at it due to the surprise factor. Even the parts list has items listed next to the side notes “I can’t tell you.” It’s Pretty funny.  I text or call the guy building it every few days and he always says “J...just trust me.” 

What got you into bikes? 

    I grew up in a body shop that my dad owned and we specialized in muscle cars. I basically have been a motorcycle and car guy by birth! My dad had a few old Harley’s when I was a kid but we always had dirt bikes around so I grew up riding them or on the back of my dads bike. I’ve know nothing else my whole life other then I’d rather ride then drive. Everyone rides on my old mans side of the family.  2 wheels is in our bloodline.

What was the first song or record that got you into heavy music?

    When I was a kid there were some young teenage guys who worked for my dads body shop. They were all rough necks who loved fast muscle cars, bikes and rock. One of the guys drove me to a local bar where all the guys would have lunch one day. I was probably 8-10 at the time. When I got into his beautiful 78 bandit Trans Am he had a Megadeth tape on the ground. I asked what it was and he said “kid never tell your pops I played this for you.” The music was so loud and aggressive as we hauled ass down the road.  I’ll never forget how amazing and alive it sounded. I unfortunately don’t remember which songs he played, but I was hooked.  
What bands are on heavy rotation for you right now?

    I always have some different bands rotating but if I had to say mostly what’s on there: Yelawolf, Korn, Megadeth, Chris Stapleton, Led Zep, Pearl Jam, Deftones

What relationship do you think music and motorcycles have in the current world? 

    I believe that music and motorcycles relationship is what being free and riding is all about.  That feeling you get from your favorite guitar solo that gives you goose bumps is similar to that feeling of riding out and seeing something beautiful that you can only experience on two wheels. It’s the highs that give us that amazing feeling.  Motorcycling has always been looked at against the grain and a lot of rock and metal are too. That rebel nature is in the motorcycling culture and it’s part of the core of who we are inside. We don’t mind being different and I seriously don’t mind jamming out loud AF! My favorite rides have always been in places where there is great live music. I loved riding out to The Hideaway in Cave Creek AZ (when I use to live there) and listening to all the bands every Sunday and seeing all the riders just rocking out having fun being wild and free. That’s where music and riding bind together. The sense of being ourselves and experiencing life and riding free on our time. When I get home from long rides I go right to some song that keeps my high going as I pour a little whiskey and be thankful I was able to ride that day. 

What is your dream build?
    I always said when I turn 40 I’d build a bagger and ride that thing coast to coast. Then I rented a bunch of bikes while living in LA for a while to see which one I liked the most. I realized I love to ride hard and fast too much for a bagger build yet in my life. So my dream bike was my bobber but my dream bike to ride will be the Dyna Low. I think it’s been a life long dream to find a HD that I could ride my style and the bike would respond. I believe I found it so I’m crossing off the bucket list I found my dream build and completing it.  The soul of that bike speaks to me and being it was the last year of HD DYNAs I know I’m making a dream a reality. 
Promote Yourself.
    I love looking at social media for American small companies, bikers, bike community, bands and of course car culture pages but I don’t use it much. You can find me in 
IG @RelentlessJason
FB Jason Vanheulen
    I’m fortunate enough that “Luda” takes care of me and I travel a lot so I don’t work for anyone else. However I have a partnership with the most amazing small batch whiskey company in the world. 10th Mountain Whiskey and Spirit Company.  We pay homage to the 10th Army Division that fought in WW2 and trained outside Vail, CO. Our spirits are all sourced and distilled in the Rockies and we do it all on our own.  We have a tasting room store front in Vail, CO and we distill in Gypsum. If you are riding though make sure you stop and share some whiskey with all my friends. We are just ski bums that wanted to make amazing whiskey. I help my 2 best friends with brand management here in the south. 
    This is my link to get some greatness from a true American small batch spirit company. Cheers. 
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