New website & Thank you.

Hey all!

First off, we wanted to thank everyone who has supported us since our start in 2013. Its been a long road and most of you have stuck by. Which is why we are taking the steps to make TSHW better. Where we started out as just doing men’s gear and the occasional women’s items, we will now be doing full lines for all including accessories. Jackets, vests, and hard parts are also in the works so stay tuned.

I started this company in a shed at my old house. Packing orders in my bedroom with friends helping me out. Tombstone Hardware was my answer to the lack of brands that I liked. At the time, I couldn't find shit I wanted to wear besides a couple small brands that I knew about. Walking into a motorcycle shop, all I would see was tribal, flames, and other cheesy as fuck designs.

With the launch of our new site, we want you coming back for cool content. Our new blog will feature event recaps, tips, tricks, maintenance hacks, and a bunch of other rad shit. Tag us in your IG photos (#TombstoneHardware) and send us a message on FB. We want to hear and see what projects you guys are working on.


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