Introducing The Dead End & The Old School

One goal I've always had for Tombstone Hardware Co. was to stay true to it's roots while still expanding passed bring your typical cool guy clothing company. The perfect way to do both was to bring products to the TSHW line that were quality, but weren't overpriced. I started this company out of a tent/shed in my backyard and couldn't afford a $150 denim, nor a $500 leather vest. With the help of some good friends, we were able to achieve that. The Dead End and The Old School are our answer to a call for a no bullshit vest.

Both featuring a cropped zipper for comfort while riding, conceal carry pockets, and hidden hardware.
These vests are perfect additions to any rider's wardrobe.

Releasing Friday, August 4th. 
The Old School (Denim) - $64
The Dead End (Leather) - $250

Check out the pictures below. 

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